Riff Raff McGriff – Moon Baby Morse Code (Produced By Riff Raff McGriff)

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Moon Baby Morse Code (clean mix)

Moon Baby Morse Code (dirty mix)

Moon Baby Morse Code (instrumental)

He “came to rock”, and proceeds to do so. Through the muck and mire, a head strong motive combined with “don’t stop presure” emerges from the “dence cloud of BS hanging of Hip Hop music”. The name Dex aka “Riff Raff McGriff is sure to strike a cored in the soul of champions world wide with the raw sounds of grimy beats inspired by electrifying lyrics. Another Oxnard, CA addition to the underground world of Hip Hop to cosign on the frequently stated quote “there’s something in the water in Oxnard”…

In 2003 Shortly after having his studio apartment looted, striping him of all recording equipment, Riff Raff began the composition of the self produced “pirate king mixtape” in a local musical equipment store. It was later dropped in 2007 as the format for the following LP “Laboratorian Saga”. released by Label and Crew of Ken “Epsilon Project. Currently Scheduled for release on Someothaship Connect/E1 this spring is the highly anticipated full length album “Grin” which features his current soul filled singles “Tell Em” produced by Mortis One of Hanover, Germany, and gradually picking up the pace with “Moon Baby” which will be his second single. It is claimed often that great things are to be expected, but keep your eyes on this one.