Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Dawn Richard And The Last Train To Paris (Interview)

“We call it Train music because we mix kind of these genres that influenced us through our time from rock, pop, soul and we try to combine it.”

Dawn Richard’s membership in Diddy’s club music trio Dirty Money has transformed her into a modern dance diva. The former Danity Kane singer embarked on a daring trip with the hip-hop mogul three years ago when they started creating The Last Train To Paris. Her ex-boss and co-member used time spent in Ibiza; work with Felix Da Housecat and all of his musical history to make an alluring album about a transcontinental romance. They call their hybrid of hip-hop, techno, house and Prince-inspired soundscapes Train Music because of its refusal to stop at any one genre. The train metaphor also works because of the wavering emotions of the love affair at the center of the work. The Coming Home Tour in support of the release started last night in Minnesota and is already being praised for bringing the audience into an interactive experience in an intimate setting. I spoke briefly with Ms. Richard about her inclusion on the most relevant dance record of the year and her future solo project.