Throwback: Trendz Of Culture-Valley of The Skinz


Trendz of Culture were a Harlem trio that consisted of Nastee, M.O.L. and Grapevine. Their debut album Trendz was released by the Motown subsidiary Mad Sounds in 1993. “Blind Alley” was their first single but “Valley of The Skinz” and “Off and On” were the centerpieces of a decent project overall. Lord Finesse remixed both of the prime cuts thus lengthening their lifespan with a mostly underground audience. Unfortunately the group did not achieve the status of a Wu-Tang Clan or Souls of Mischief but their singular output is a benchmark of ’90’s hip-hop. Lyrically they were not as heavy as the former and without a follow-up album there was no way to judge their full potential. Plans were made to release new music in 2008 but nothing materialized.