Joi, N’dambi and Tamar-kali Pay Tribute To Betty Davis



Joi, N’dambi and Tamar-kali paid tribute to Betty Davis last night at The Schomberg in New York City. Exactly one year ago Tamar-kali participated in another homage to Davis in Detroit at the Charles Wright Museum. Davis was the wife of Miles Davis for one year but she highly influenced his musical transition into fusion by exposing him to the music of James Brown, Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix. She spruced up his attire and gave Bitches Brew its name. The former Mrs. Davis recorded four raunchy rock albums in the ’70’s that her ex-husband described as being ahead of the time and responsible for paving the way for people like Madonna and Prince. But the singer’s career wasn’t able to transcend America’s ideas about the image of the female performer. These days Davis lives as a recluse Pennsylvania.