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Atmosphere-Just For Show

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“Just For Show” has a video with an adorable but feeling unloved dog as the star who in the end really is loved.


Rah Digga’s Classic Rap Attack (Interview)

“My goal is to make music. I’m not trying to change the game I’m not trying to be anybody’s saving grace”

Fifteen years ago Rashia Fischer debuted her fiery inflection on “Cowboys” from The Fugees album The Score. Her unmitigated word flux was instantly recognized as one built on sober rhyme schemes and perennial boldness. The former Outsidaz became well-known as a member of Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad before the release of her solo entrée Dirty Harriet. Expectations for her to become the dominant female voice in rap were understandable because of Harriet’s gritty gravity. But her follow-up album Everything Is A Story was shelved and Rah decided she wanted a break from the business. Film school and ten years later she has re-emerged with the Nottz-produced revelry for hip-hop’s musical foundation aptly dubbed Classic. She is touring and already recording her next full-length to assure fans that her momentum will not be broken again with another ten-year hiatus.

It’s been a while since Dirty Harriet and I know there were problems with Everything Is A Story, were you writing during the time you didn’t have any new music out?

Yes I did do some appearances on some projects. I actually took some time off from music altogether and went to the New York Film Academy and took some film director and editing courses. And maybe going into 2010 I came-up with the idea to do like an anniversary EP for Dirty Harriet because the 10-year anniversary was coming up. So I got some tracks from Nottz and it ended-up being a whole album. I actually had no intentions of putting out a whole album like that but everything just kind of came together once I started working with Nottz.

I saw where Raw Concept kind of pushed you with it.

Yeah they didn’t want to do an EP they wanted to do a whole album with Nottz by himself. And at first I was like ‘eh I don’t want to do a whole album’ but once we started working together he did so much stuff on Dirty Harriet we just got that chemistry. And I was going to record ten songs and pick the best five or six for an EP and it ended-up being a whole album with 10 songs.