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C1RCA Teams Up with Hip Hop Pioneer, Afrika Bambaataa to Create the Zulu Collection!

San Clemente, CA – February 28, 2011- C1RCA Select is proud to announce the collaboration with Hip Hop pioneer, Afrika Bambaataa, on the Spring 2011 tee and sneaker collection entitled the Zulu Collection.

Bronx native Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of break-beat deejaying, and one of the architects of Hip Hop Culture. In fact, he is credited for coining the phrase, “Hip Hop” to name the whole culture, pulling all of the five elements together. He also helped fuel the development of other musical genres such as Freestyle or Latin Freestyle, Miami Bass, House, Hip House, Electronic and early Techno. He was the first to use a synthesizer on a Hip Hop record, ultimately creating the Electro Funk sound.


Cee Lo Green-Bright Lights Bigger City (Live)

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Cee Lo Green paid Jimmy Kimmel a visit and performed “Bright Lights Bigger City.” His stage show is so much more interesting with the all woman band.


Signif The Gift and The Soul Of Hip-Hop (Interview)

“I would describe my style as laid back, realistic, and honest.”

The battle over the soul of hip-hop is always a pessimistic one. Questions of authentic prescriptions to folk art get posed and then disposed by the dominant argument that capitalistic imperatives have to be the ultimate concern. But the human spirit will never tire of the need to hear stories that speak to the heart. Signif the Gift is answering that question with her brand of no-frills hip-hop that recalls the early days of MC Lyte with a timbre in line with Jean Grae. Her video for “Drifting” is a pared down aesthetic sustained by her coherent rhyme style, self-affirming lyrics and the background of New York City. The former Milwaukee resident has laid down her music manifesto with her Beautifully Flawed EP from 2009 and 2010’s The Transition. Unsigned and free to follow her creative whims, the artist is looking to make her sound translate to hip-hop’s conflicted mass of fans.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.

How did you start rapping?

After watching my brothers partake in rapping I decided to try it. I was already writing poetry so I tried converting some of my favorite poems I had written previously, and it sounded awful. So I figured I better start from scratch. I quit more than a few times it was frustrating knowing what I wanted to say but not executing it on paper properly.