Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Ivory Keyes – “Temptation” Feat. And Prod. By Nottz

Coming off the recent success of his collaborative EP with Asher Roth, RAWTH, released in late 2010, and the release of his debut solo album, You Need This Music, before that, the Virginia-based Nottz is back in the studio doing what he does best. Earlier this year Nottz brought fans a track with Compton rapper A-WOLL, and now Nottz is releasing a new collaborative track “Temptation”, with fellow Virginia native and long-time collaborator Ivory Keyes. Nottz and Keyes’ friendship stems from their young days as group members of D.M.P., and with this new track Nottz shows off his signature style, as he layers pounding drums, thick, rolling bass, and guitar plucks to compliment Keyes’ street oriented bars.


Glen Scott-Deep In It

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Glen Scott is a Hidden Beach recording artist from London who saw his first album Without Vertigo get released in 1999 on the Sony label. His Trust The Dawn album is out now domestically and “Deep In It” is the first single.