MTV2 Sucker Free Sunday w/ Cymarshall Law x Freedom Express Line Out Now

anuary 20, 2011 – NewJersey: THIS Sunday, check out Cymarshall Law on MTV2’s Sucker Free Sunday, airing 11AM & 11PM, EST. He has been working very hard putting the finishing touches on his awaited Pete Rock tribute mixtape “Hip Hop In the Soul Brother #1”, coming soon! In the meantime, he gives his fans a mean 16 and will be dropping a few more visuals from his Freedom Express Line album (Sony/XOXO) out NOW!

Animations and video created by

Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz – Freedom Express Line


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10 years ago

I caught cylaws freestyle on mtv2 this morning, googled him & this Mc has a LonG resume. I had no idea, looking ahead to see more of him. Good $hit!