Daily Archives: October 29, 2010

Janet On 106 & Park

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Janet paid a visit to 106 & Park Wednesday to promote For Colored Girls. She also talked about her new book that’s coming out in January about her life and body issues.


African American Female Author, Pheare, Changes the Face of Horror !

Chicago – Make room Stephen King. There’s a new author in town ushering in our nightmares. She’s Black, female and fearless! Her name is Pheare (pronounced Fear) and she is bringing the pain! With the release of her debut novel, “Str8 Laced,” from Paige 9 Publishing, Pheare Alexander mixes the themes of blood, sex, murder and deception like an 808 base rap track and the pace just keeps on pumping. Destined to be regarded as one of the most creative and prolific horror fiction authors of the day, Pheare is on a mission to change the face of horror forever.


From Little X To Director X (Interview)

“A good music video should really translate the song on one level. And then on another level it should translate the artist.”

Little X’s urban music visuals look like portable action films and gratifying musicals. Whether capturing Usher’s elaborate footwork or Nicki Minaj’s amorous kung fu dreams, X has been able to stick to the storyline and make a song something fun to hear and see. This year he announced a minor name change from Little X to Director X and an immediate focus on shooting commercials. He has a reticent temperament in regards to his exact moves preferring to take Sun Tzu’s advice to never let your enemy know your design. But he is ardent and acessible when he discusses the music video trade and the creative capacities of artists like Minaj. The director’s 10 plus years in the fickle entertainment business gives his words the authority of a media sage.

What’s the difference between Little X and Director X?

A name. I changed my costume. I had the red cape and now I got like a black one. My red and blue costume didn’t translate well into movies. Besides that everything’s the same, same super powers.

What should a good music video do for the artist and the viewer?

A good music video should really translate the song on one level. And then on another level it should translate the artist. Take a really good video like Missy’s “I Can’t Stand The Rain.” Here’s an artist who especially at that time did not fit the mold on a bunch of different levels but the video and the song brought those together. People were like ‘OK it works’ and just embraced her they embraced the music and it made a megastar out of Missy. Who’s to say what that would’ve been if the video had gone a different way. Really out of the box thinking created that new megastar.