Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Lyrics Born To Drop New Album, As U Were, This Fall

Bay-Area independent rap legend Lyrics Born has joined forces with New York multimedia powerhouse Decon for the sake of quality trans-national hip-hop. The multi-faceted musician plans to release his third proper solo effort, As U Were on October 26th. The lead single “Lies x 3” is an alt-tinged synth-rocker that is a sure shot summer banger.


Slum Village – Reunion Part 2 (feat. Illa J)


We’re seeing more and more of Illa J!


Receiving Stellar Album Reviews Afro-Punk Vocalist Tamar-kali Prepares Release of Black Bottom

(Los Angeles, California – July 19, 2010) Tamar-kali’s hard-rocking brand of outsider art leaped from every track on her 2005 solo EP, Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul, enchanting listeners with its melody, while delivering a swift kick to the gut with its incisive emotional core. Five years later her first full-length release, Black Bottom (Oya Warrior Records), packs an even harder punch as audiences are invited to gaze deeper into the mind of a woman who refers to her music as “classical experimental” and “aggressive melodic rock.” She says, “I believe that the ‘Black Rock’ label is another obstacle for artists like myself. For all intents and purposes it continues to marginalize black artists to a group defined by race as opposed to genre.”