Throwback: Meli’sa Morgan-Fools Paradise

Meli’sa Morgan hails from Queens, New York and like so many R&B singers started her musical education in the church. A talent show she won in high school is where her desire to sing professionally started. By the time she graduated from high school she was singing in local bands and attending the Julliard School Of Music. Her first recordings were with the group Shades Of Love who had the 1982 dance hit “Body To Body” (Keep In Touch).” During this same time period she joined a group named High Fashion that Alyson Williams was a member of and they had one hit with “Feelin’ Lucky Lately.” Morgan left the group next year in 1983 and had the luck and skills to become a background singer for Chaka Khan. Her acquaintance with Khan’s musical director Lesette Wilson was a fruitful one because when Morgan recorded her first album for Capitol in 1986 she and Wilson wrote and produced some of her best songs together. The debut of Do Me Baby the album was timely and the Morgan Wilson partnership created “Fools Paradise” and “Do You Still Love Me.” But it was Morgan’s cover of Prince’s “Do Me Baby” that made her a known R & B star because she sang it so well most people did not know it was someone else’s song. Good Love would also have some sturdy songs like the “Love Changes” duet with Kashif. Her 1990 album Lady In Me was not as popular but she came back in ’92 with Still In Love With You and the title song was a dancefloor scorcher still played to this day. Morgan would not record another album until 2005’s I Remember on the Orpheus music label. A playlist of mostly covers, Morgan and Freddie Jackson who both started their careers with Orpheus in the ’80s when they were known as Hush Productions perform a strong version of “Back Together Again.” Wilson and Morgan collaborate again on the swanky “I Remember” in addition to most of the original cuts on the album. In 2009 Morgan leaked a sample of a song with Cool Million called “Sweet Baby.”