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African Dancer/Choreographer for Beyonce, SYTYCD & Cirque Du Soleil Speaks on FELA, “Step Up 3-D” & Season 7 of SYTYCD

(Los Angeles, California – June 28, 2010) Jeffrey Page’s talents as a dancer and choreographer have taken him everywhere from Hollywood awards shows to West African villages, and have produced collaborations with the biggest names in modern dance as well as superstars of pop music. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for NAACP Image Award choreography in 2005, is credited with giving Beyonce’ Knowles her African flair, more recently served as a resident choreographer on Fox’s reality TV sensation ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and is credited as one of the choreographers for the upcoming feature film “Step Up 3-D”. In the Fall of 2009, Jeffrey expanded his reach even further when he made his Broadway debut in the cast of the new musical FELA!, a show he can still be seen performing in nightly.

It’s fitting that Jeffrey would arrive on Broadway as a member of the FELA! ensemble to wow audiences in a show about a Nigerian musical pioneer (Fela Anikulapo-Kuti), since West African dance has been his specialty since childhood. Page says, “I think Fela! has been a hit because it’s playing with a wide variety of textures that Broadway hasn’t seen.” The media seems to agree; The Associated Press raved in its FELA! review: “An extremely talented ensemble of attractive, limber, athletic dancers are in nonstop motion throughout the play.” The New York Times wrote: “‘Fela!’ never stops dancing, and Mr. Jones uses his ravishing ensemble to evoke everything from joyous sensuality to the kind of governmental oppression that turns people into zombies.” Vogue Magazine says, “For the choreographer Bill T. Jones, rock music has an almost mystical ability to expand our sense of who we are .That vision is at the heart of Fela!, his extraordinary musical that turns the life story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti into a communal celebration of the spirit of a man and the power of his music.”


Tribute To Prince At BET Awards 2010

A wonderful recognition of Prince’s contributions. Too bad Chaka didn’t perform.


Usher-There Goes My Baby (Live At BET Awards 2010)

Usher performs one of the best R&B anthems of the year.


Chris Brown Tribute To Michael Jackson At BET Awards 2010

Chris Brown gives an emotional tribute to Michael Jackson. Is he crying because he misses Michael, his career or both? It’s too bad that Brown has had some publicity nightmares in the past year that have hurt his career because during the performance we should’ve only been thinking about Michael not Brown’s personal troubles. Outside of Usher Brown is the only person best suited to salute Michael and his issues were a distraction from an otherwise good show.


Kanye West-Power (Live At BET Awards 2010)

Kanye performs his new song “Power” at the BET Awards.