Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist Kwanza Jones Releases “Not A Breakup Song”

(Los Angeles, CA – June 7, 2010) In late 2009 Kwanza released her first single/music video “Everything Around You (I’m not Happy)” off her forthcoming LP Supercharged! (Summer 2010) which received heavy viral rotation and was featured on Yahoo’s Entertainment Channel and BET’s Centric network.. The song was a personal tale about romance gone awry, which drew comparisons to India.Arie and Alicia Keys. The second single “Not a Breakup Song” is a conversation starter, giving fans a little bit of rock, a whole lot of pop and providing an anthem for the under-appreciated. “Not a Breakup Song” was the logical next single following the theme of unhappiness, giving an ultimatum and ultimately a wake-up call. She says “If you’re not happy do something about it! I don’t believe the difficult things are better left unsaid. But, I know it can be hard to say what you really want. Whether you’re thinking of breaking-up with your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your hairstylist or your mechanic… ‘Not a Breakup Song’ is your go-to guide.“

Kwanza Jones captivates listeners by singing melodies and belting rock-laced hooks that riddle with emotion, reality lyrics and heart thumping beats. By résumé standards, she has done it all. Releasing two full albums (Naked and Naked 2: Universal Fire), an EP (Victim of the System), and singles “Everything Around You (I’m Not Happy)” and “Not a Breakup Song” which preludes to her newest album, Supercharged! (slated for Summer 2010 release). Add a Princeton and law degrees, charismatic presence, songwriting/arranging credits and undoubtedly Kwanza will secure a place in the ever-evolving indie musical landscape. The impressive accolades (such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and afterwards penning the hit “To the Top” co-produced with Eric Clapton keyboardist, Tim Carmon) continue to pile up. An eclectic blend of soul fused pop mixed with modern acoustics and an R&B kiss, Kwanza masters the art of the blended genre. Yet, the former Miss Baltimore sails past the boundaries of a contrived vocalist and offers audible pleasantries with a ravishing sensual appeal. Visually, Kwanza exudes an angelic glow with an intrinsic beauty that radiates powerful energy. But while Kwanza’s edgy content may make comparatives to Tina Turner apparent, her almost entirely self written songs allow her fans to take pieces of her unique and distinct soul.

Supercharged! was co-produced by Keith Rouster – former bass player for Michael Jackson and songwriter on the Grammy Award Winning The Temptations, the album also features Tim Carmon – well known keyboardist for Eric Clapton and Beyonce and Donnell Spencer Jr. – drummer for Jody Watley and songwriter for Chuckii Booker’s “Turned Away” which reached #1 on the Billboard R&B Charts.

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10 years ago

Saw her in Hype Hair. Luv her style and sound.

9 years ago

She is an original. Nice change from the Rih’s, the B’s and the Minaj’s

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