Skyzoo & Ill Mind Prep New Album, ‘Live From The Tape Deck’

Still riding the wave of praise from his critically acclaimed debut album The Salvation on Jamla/Duck Down Music, Skyzoo has joined forces with highly regarded producer/beat smith Illmind (G Unit, Boot Camp Click, Red Man, Little Brother) for what will be an exciting producer/MC album.

Dropping on Duck Down Music in the Fall, the full length LP, ‘Live from the Tape Deck,’ will see the Brooklyn-based duo of Skyzoo and Illmind doing what they do best — dropping hard-hitting beats over ‘rewind factor’ rhymes. “It’s not rocket science,” says Skyzoo. “There won’t be any deep undertones or personal records like The Salvation; just dope beats and rhymes that’s better than everything else out.” And with a history of dope collabo joints in the bag and a chemistry that can’t be replicated, these two creative forces plan to present raw hip hop with a unique, cohesive sound only they can produce.

“Back in the day, it was always like that,” stresses Skyzoo. “When you look at Eric B and Rakim, EPMD, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest and groups like that — you had one producer with one sound and one theme. That’s what we plan to bring with this project.” But don’t get it twisted; Live from the Tape Deck isn’t a throw back to that 90’s sound. Skyzoo explains, “The reason it’s called Live from the Tape Deck is because when labels made cassette tapes, it just so happens that was when records were dope. Once the option of buying a cassette in a store was gone, that’s when things changed and music got whack.”

Illmind elaborates, “You know it’s not going to be some typical shit — it’s going to be honest. Not throwback. Not boom bap. It’s going to be some 2010 shit with one of the best MC’s in the game.”