Daily Archives: May 18, 2010

Holy Rollers Movie Trailer

Q-Tip has a role in this independent film based on a true story about some teenaged Hasidic Jews who become drug dealers. Of course Q-Tip plays a drug dealer. The movie will be in theaters May 21st.


Janelle Monae Talks About James Brown

Here is Janelle Monae talking about her inspiration for “Tightrope,” James Brown and dancing at the Experience Music Project Pop Conference this year. The Arch Android came out today!


Regina Carter’s New Album, Reverse Thread, Available Today! (5/18/10)

With the release of Reverse Thread, Regina Carter invites us to a world of hypnotically beautiful African folk melodies. Lauded as one of the finest violinists of her generation, Carter captures both the essence and allure of the original music through a lens of contemporary interpretation. Available from E1 Entertainment starting today, May 18, Reverse Thread blends the exquisite sound of Regina’s violin with the kora (West African harp) and accordion. For more information, full press release and tour dates, visit Regina’s new website: www.reginacarter.com

Regina recently stopped by NPR and performed for their Tiny Desk Concert Series:


Chali 2na Announces Fish Market Part 2 On Decon

Chali 2Na is back on board to deliver the second installment of his Fish Market series, Fish Market Part 2, out June 8th on Decon Records. The renowned rapper is joined this time by compatriot DJ Dez Andres (of Slum Village fame), and the classic pairing of MC and DJ is an exciting return to form. The two combine their efforts to create an album that plays like a mixtape and ultimately deliver one of the strongest hip-hop records of 2010.


The History Of Rap/DJ Hollywood

When the story of hip-hop is told most times it is always the Holy Trinity of Herc, Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. They are indeed pioneers but for some reason DJ Hollywood’s story always gets lost in the other stories. But it is Hollywood who opened the floodgate for the emcee to become the focal point of hip-hop. Before Hollywood the focus was the DJ who played for the b-boys and b-girls in the park. It is he who started the phrase “Throw ya hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care.” Every rapper has been influenced by Hollywood directly or indirectly through hip-hop’s musical lineage that frequently recalls James Brown, Muhammad Ali, West African griots, Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, the struggles of the Black underclass and the posh discovery of it by whites in downtown New York and the corporate boardroom but not the man who had the first most significant club dates. Kurtis Blow has produced this documentary “The History Of Rap” and made sure to explain the importance of Hollywood’s role in hip-hop.