Psalm One-Woman At Work (Download)


“Don’t Chris Brown me, I won’t Chris Henry you.”

“That one’s a scorcher though, and cuts like “Truce” and “Better Than My Last” are similarly striking. It doesn’t sound like Psalm One needs to work very hard to deliver eerily sensual grooves like “Stuff,” which is part of the reason why she’s so cool.”
Matt Pais, Metromix

It’s easy to see why “Woman at Work” reached an amazing 5,000 Downloads in three days. “Woman at Work” is a free 10 track EP from Psalm One and Rhymesayers Entertainment to satiate fans while Psalm completes her upcoming commercial release.

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE COPY OF WOMAN AT WORK, what are you waiting for? Psalm One is a phenomenal talent that can’t be ignored.