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Happy Birthday James Brown!

Happy Birthday to The Godfather Of Soul, The father of modern music, The foundation of the funk, the Godfather of hip-hop and Michael and Prince’s blueprint.

“If Elvis Presley Is The King, Then Who Is James Brown? God?”-Amiri Baraka


DJ Premier Vs. DJ Pete Rock In Japan

With all the crap surrounding Guru’s death and ultimately the death of Gangstarr it’s nice to Premier and Pete having fun.


Producer Drumma Boy Speaks on Anticipation of T.I’s Seventh Studio Album King Uncaged

(Los Angeles, California – May 3, 2010) It was 2008 and 2009 that marked some of Drumma Boy’s most significant accomplishments to date. His production work was nominated in two categories at The Grammy Awards, he was hailed by the New York Times, nominated for “Producer of the Year” at the Ozone Awards and took home the Award for “Producer of the Year” consecutively at the 6th and 7th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards. In 2008 the beatmaker teamed up with T.I. on his 2x Platinum selling and Grammy nominated album Paper Trail, boasting the tracks “Ready for Whatever,” “You Ain’t Missing Nothing,” “My Life, Your Entertainment” and the hit single “What Up, What’s Haapnin.” Now the two are back in the studio working on the rappers seventh studio album entitled King Uncaged which is set to drop in August 2010. Drumma Boy says, “The anticipation working on this project is crazy… fighting for the best record….consistently presenting the hottest material…ensuring placements and aiming for singles.”


Psalm One-Woman At Work (Download)


“Don’t Chris Brown me, I won’t Chris Henry you.”

“That one’s a scorcher though, and cuts like “Truce” and “Better Than My Last” are similarly striking. It doesn’t sound like Psalm One needs to work very hard to deliver eerily sensual grooves like “Stuff,” which is part of the reason why she’s so cool.”
Matt Pais, Metromix

It’s easy to see why “Woman at Work” reached an amazing 5,000 Downloads in three days. “Woman at Work” is a free 10 track EP from Psalm One and Rhymesayers Entertainment to satiate fans while Psalm completes her upcoming commercial release.

If you haven’t downloaded your FREE COPY OF WOMAN AT WORK, what are you waiting for? Psalm One is a phenomenal talent that can’t be ignored.


Former Drug Kingpin Ike Atkinson Challenges “American Gangster” Frank Lucas with Release of New Book “Sergeant Smack”

Raleigh, North Carolina – In April of 2007, 84-year old Ike Atkinson was released from federal prison after serving a 32-year prison term. There were no cameras and little fanfare as the man deemed the biggest American drug kingpin ever to operate out of Asia was set free. Atkinson, who operated the largest drug smuggling enterprise in the 1970s, never carried a gun, never committed murder and never bowed down to the infamous Italian La Cosa Nostra. As a U.S. Army Master Sergeant, he utilized his intellect and charm to, by conservative estimates, smuggle over 1000 pounds of heroin annually from Bangkok, Thailand, through U.S. military bases into the United States. Atkinson’s legendary enterprise was so complex and profitable, it easily rivaled that of modern day hoodlums, the Black Mafia Family.