Unsung: Sylvester

Before there was RuPaul there was Sylvester. A terrific singer and charismatic performer Sylvester was a flamboyant maverick who ruled the dancefloors and could bring a gospel experience to anything that he touched. Unfortunately Black radio wasn’t ready for him but he became a star anyway. It is ironic that he had those kinds of obstacles considering the androgyous successes of Prince and Boy George. Back in the day LA Reid wore eyeliner too! In this day of closeted thug rappers and Black women fearing that every man she meets is on the DL Sylvester’s honesty was refreshing. TV One continues to do a good job of telling the story behind Black entertainers who only received superficial coverage in the mainstream media as it related to their commercial success. Donna Summer was one queen of disco but Sylvester was the other one.