NJ Weedman Rolls Out the 2010 Reefer Revolution with the “Obama One Year in Office Celebration”

Hollywood, CA – Cannabis activist and ultimate pot party host Ed Forchion aka NJ Weedman is heralding the beginning of a new era, an era he boldly labels “The Reefer Revolution.” An avowed Rastafarian rebel, the former New Jersey resident once openly and indiscriminately incorporated the use of marijuana in his daily practices and spiritual belief system, much to the chagrin of the state’s local authorities. A self determined exile, activist and former political prisoner, Forchion relocated to sunny California just a few years ago to enjoy the benefits of the state’s more relaxed medicinal marijuana laws, per the passage of the Prop. 215 Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and SB420.

As the reefer revolution continues to roll out with increasingly victorious legislation, Saturday, March 6, 2010, NJ Weedman will present the “Obama One Year in Office” celebration. Festivities begin at 8:30 p.m. and continue until 4:00 a.m. The party will feature marijuana political art in a Blunted Obama art show gallery. From urban graffiti and fashion to global political and religious views, both freelance and independent installations and banners are being accepted as displays and sponsors for integrated marketing partnerships. By offering artists the opportunity to be “pot-itical,” NJweedman hopes to expose the various political images and chronic illustrations of the cannabis consuming community of Los Angeles.
This event will also featue an open drink bar in addition to an “open bud bar” for patients from 8:30 p.m. -10:00 p.m. Live reggae bands will enliven and celebrate the pot-stivities, while DJ’s will spin the best in reggae, electro, dancehall, and old school ’80s & 90’s rap. For additional details go to www.njweedmanpromotions.com . Shuttle service will be provided to and from a private, downtown, rooftop location, with VIP limousine service also available. Tickets can be purchased at www.GrooveTickets.com, with the keywords “420 Obama” or by calling 323-798-4813.

NJ Weedman’s pot parties are attracting an international media buzz, including a recent feature on AOL’s www.Asylum.com. Over 500 revelers attended his last event, with attractions that included reggae bands, fire dancers, sushi served on live female platters and specialty cannabis drinks.

A disarming intellectual, with a vitae that includes running for Governor, Senator and a Congressional seat in the state of New Jersey, as well as a stint in prison for various related herb charges, Ed Forchion not only supported President Obama during his campaign, but also filmed a political commercial with Shepard Fairey in his support at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ4bHAZ9670.
“I threw my support behind Obama during his candidacy and now I’m throwing this party for him! President Obama made history when he ended the Federal raids on California’s dispensaries. Employees and patients alike who operated in fear can now partake in peace in the healing science, art and practice of marijuana smoking. We love and appreciate Obama for keeping this campaign promise,” offers Forchion.

NJWeedman achieved cult status and media notoriety when he was arrested for smoking the sacred herb in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, he opened his own legal medical marijuana dispensary, the Liberty Bell Temple. The dispensary is located at 5641 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA and represents the basic concepts of democracy and faith.

Forchion is continually fueling his advocacy for the medical marijuana movement. His NJ Weedman video series, filmed from the shop and seen on his website http://www.libertybelltemple.com/Home.htm and at YouTube.com, commands a following of viewers from around the world. He regularly updates his footage with vivid coverage of the happenings in his shop, including specials on the vast varietals of medicinal marijuana he is now able to serve up legally, daily to his patients.

“Over the years I’ve always said one of the ways to beat the Government in this “War on Drugs” is to get out of the cannabis closet. I’ve constantly encouraged the cannabis-consuming community to overrun the Government; to nullify the law and authorities with shear numbers. Los Angeles is a city where hundreds of thousands of patients have gone to doctors and gotten their (stay out of jail) medical cards. This to me means there are hundreds of thousands of “POTHEADS”, potential clients, customers and patients. They are the cannabis consuming community. I’m doing parties to cater to them, to make a buck and to once again be an in-your-face type activist. This to me is similar to the civil dis-obedience acts I used to do and encourage when I lived in New Jersey,” reveals Forchion.

Ed Forchion’s newly released tome, “Public Enemy #420” is chock full of amazing statistics about the “politricks” of marijuana as well as the page turning adventures of his life. From his early days of trafficking marijuana, to his legal battles with the state officials in New Jersey, his months behind bars and finally his sojourn to sunny California, Ed Forchion spins a tale of “high” drama.

Purchase your copy of “Public Enemy #420” online at https://www.createspace.com/3425534 or at www.njweedman.com or www.njweedmanpromotions.com . Purchase a copy directly from the NJweedman at his Liberty Bell Temple (www.libertybelltemple.com ) location at 5642 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA and receive an autographed copy with a free giveaway.

To cast your vote for what promises to be a high time, go to www.njweedmanpromotions.com.

NJ Weedman photo credit: Hiltron Bailey / [email protected]

Obama photo credit: Photographer Lisa Jack