Media Questions Of The Week

1. Isn’t it great that Dr. Conrad Murray who helped Michael Jackson killed himself is finally being bought up on involuntary manslaughter charges? But shouldn’t the other doctors that enabled Michael be investigated too like Dr. Arnold Klein and others?

2. Why have people made it seem as though Kim Kardashian is the vanilla-dipped Ki-Toy?

3. Did Black people make John Mayer feel comfortable to say all the ignorant things he said in his Playboy interview about
a having a “nigger pass” and a “David Duke dick”?

4. What is all this Illuminati talk that’s been on urban music sites for at least a few years about people like Jay-Z and Beyonce being devil worshippers out to corrupt the youth??? How can these people who believe in these theories and completely overlook racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, imperialism, modern day colonialism, poverty, A.I.D.S., healthcare etc. to start talking about some vague theory of the devil, the music industry and its leaders??? In the first place if these people really believed this idea why do they still listen to the music and follow these people’s everyday lives? But more importantly America IS a conspiracy because creating a country with the blood of the natives on its flag IS demonic. Why don’t these “critics” attack the record companies for putting a high value on self-destructive rap music and contrived R&B? When minimum wage is between five and eight dollars an hour and people need at least 50,000 a year for the basic necessities how can anyone have to time to wonder about Kanye West’s so-called occult affiliations?