Author Christopher Johnson Responds To Steve Harvey’s Critique of Black Men

Los Angeles- When Christopher Johnson first heard the comments made by comedian turned relationship expert, Steve Harvey, on the ABC News Nightline coverage of “why so many Black women are single,” he had a strong adverse reaction.

In the report, Harvey states that men his age have made a mistake, and that his generation didn’t teach the generation of men behind them the principles of manhood. He also admonishes the female viewers that since men don’t have biological clocks, younger women should go for older men.

As a self acknowledged ‘good Black man,’ author, speaker and philanthropist, 31 year old Christopher Johnson could not believe what he was hearing. He felt Steve Harvey was killing not only his chances of finding his mate, but making it difficult for all the like-minded good Black men he knew. Something had to be done. Within 24 hours, Johnson wrote an open letter to Harvey, posted a video rendition of it online and announced the launch of the Good Man Society (!

Per Johnson’s compelling online post, he states, “What I hate the most is that I am a strong black man and I was smart enough to take from the good that I saw in men of your generation and adapt it into my character to become the type of man that my mother would be proud of. But there are men in my generation that will not do that; or, do not have the positive outlook and disposition that I have and they will let your statement permeate throughout their being and become exactly what you have set women up to believe they are! And that is “that we are no good and a good man is hard to find!” Or better yet as you say “GET AN OLDER MAN!” Come on where does that leave us young men that are out here, and are good men and are ready for marriage, and are not players, and are looking to help the world in some way.”

Johnson’s response hit a nerve. The open letter and video is not only circulating the web while stimulating dialogue between the sexes, but also galvanizing hundreds of good men as they sign up on his site at A movement is in the making, with Johnson hoping to secure the commitment of one million good men under the banner of this new organization.

“I was appalled when I heard Mr. Harvey. I have spent my entire life working to be the best man I can be so that I will be a good husband for someone. And then I hear my chances being shot down in a single blow. I was devastated. My response however, is not a campaign against Steve Harvey. What it is is a campaign for good men. We do exist and we need to make our voices heard. When I hear about all the statistics talking about a shortage, all I can respond with to that is that I have never been surveyed!” asserts Johnson.

A native of Kansas City, Missouri now residing in Los Angeles, Johnson is the CEO of CBJ Enterprises. An author, relationship coach and motivational speaker, he has just released his third book from CBJ Publishing entitled “Hang Up the Phone, the Guide to Getting Over Your EX in 30 Days.” Johnson contends that the formula to a good relationship is successfully getting over the last one. “I don’t want a woman to think like a man,” he says referring to Harvey’s best selling book, “but I do want her to be over her last relationship when she gets to me. Many a good man’s heart has been tangled up in the battlefield of a past relationship gone bad.” Johnson’s past titles include “My Mom Was My Dad” a book written to help single mothers deal with raising sons, and “Getting Dressed from the Inside” a journey to reach the paradise of self-worth.

With the creation of the Good Man Society, Johnson hopes to dispel once and for all the myth about the lack of eligible good men. The society is open to all races, but first and foremost, Johnson is focusing on Black men as they have been the target of recent media exposés like the one highlighting Steve Harvey. He is securing sign ups at the site and has plans to create a national forum for good men around the country.

With a mission to better the world, one person at a time, Johnson’s philanthropy efforts also include two non-profit organizations focused on helping the community at large. “Let Everybody Read” is spearheading the push to secure impactful reading materials in low income areas, while his “Best Food 4ward” focuses on providing business attire to disadvantaged adults working to secure jobs in the workforce.

“I’ve always believed in being proactive not just reactive. I am so grateful that the response to my message has been so overwhelming. I never anticipated such a reception, but I am compelled to spearhead a movement for good men. It’s one thing to get a bad rap, but we are basically out here and not being acknowledged at all. It is time for a change and I believe God is directing me,” expresses Johnson.

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