Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg “Celebrates” Birthday On The View With Kool And The Gang


Whoopi flanked by Kahlis Bayyan (3rd from left) & Kool (to Whoopi’s left), George Brown (second on her right), and DT.

For her birthday celebration on Friday the 13, Whoopi Goldberg requested Kool and the Gang to perform on the show. The band was glad to fulfill this wish. Whoopi introduced them as, “R & B trailbrazers who wrote the national anthem of party songs, “Celebration.” Kool and the Gang changed a few lyrics, “To Whoopi Goldberg and The View we are going to celebrate and party with you.”

Whoopi, Sherrie and Joy Behar flanked on the left by Khalis Bayyan (2nd from left) and Kool (Whoopi’s left) and DT (far right).

Photo credits: Ida Mae Astute/ABC (American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.)


Cash Money Founders & Jay Sean To Appear At Pace University Seminar

NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 20, 2009—It’s back to school for Cash Money CEOs and co-founders Ronald “Slim” Williams, brother Bryan “Birdman” Williams and their latest hit artist Jay Sean.

The principals behind the historic, New Orleans-based hip-hop label will take part in “Where Do I Sign?,” Pace University School of Law Professor Vernon J. Brown’s Entertainment Law class on the White Plains, N.Y., campus Monday evening, Nov. 23, from 6-8 p.m. A limited number of seats are available for the media and public.


Hip Hop Legend KRS-One Feeds The Homeless This Holiday

(New York, NY) Twenty years ago, hip hop artist/activist KRS-One wrote an inspiring op-ed in The New York Times “A Survival Curriculum for Inner City Kids,” in which he addressed the city’s failings to take care of its most needy; in the article, he also mentioned how he’d spent many of his formative years in the 1970s in homeless shelters around the city and was essentially an auto-didact, who educated himself in public libraries.