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Tameka Raymond Breaks Her Silence to Celeb Journalist Isoul Harris for Upscale


Isoul H. Harris is the Editor-at-Large at Upscale Magazine and his work has also been featured in publications including People, InStyle, The New York Post, Ocean Drive, Vegas and more. He recently sat down to talk with Tameka Foster Raymond for the Sep/Oct issue of Upscale Magazine. Article attached.

Read excerpts from the interview which hits stands this week;

“This Oakland Native is a walking contradiction. She’s sophisticated yet around-the-way; Tough but vulnerable. She’s serious minded but always joking and laughing. On blogs she’s ripped apart for unflattering pictures; in person she’s attractive and chic.”


Q-Tip Discusses MTV’s Hot MC List


Leon Jones’ Famed Michael Jackson/Elizabeth Taylor Autographed Painting Included in Julien’s Auctions’ “Music Icon’s” Event


Los Angeles – When Leon Jones first announced the sale of his autographed airbrushed rendition of Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, the world took note. Jones’s splendid rendition of the iconic celebrity pair made headlines around the world. The Los Angeles based artist, currently residing in Orange County, is well known for his vast collection of autographed work, including Jay Leno, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Snoop Dogg. But with the recent passing of Michael Jackson, his autographed painting of Jackson alongside Taylor has taken center stage.


Interview With MC Lyte

“I really don’t believe jack of all trades master of none I believe if you study that craft you can do it well”

MC_Lyte_Hi Res

MC Lyte never believed that rappers were not able to multi-task even though her life as enduring hip-hop legend would make people think otherwise of her intentions. Her first album Lyte As A Rock from 1988 established her as a preeminent rhymer, another Brooklynite maker of the canon. It was songs like her “10 % Dis,” Roxanne Shante’s “Roxanne’s Revenge” four years earlier and the entrance of Salt N Pepa in 1986 that established women as integral members of the rap world instead of temporary fads long before Foxy and Kim showed us their g-strings. In 2009 the female rapper is mostly an underground marvel read Jean Grae, Eternia, Invincible, Bahamadia, T-Love, Lin Que and others I have not heard of to date. Fans of Lyte wonder why she does not take her rarefied nine album status to reestablish female rappers in the mainstream and dedicate herself exclusively to music. The film successes of Queen Latifah, Will Smith and Ice Cube validated the rapper’s ability to be a crosstrainer and created new opportunities in an industry that has become eager to hire anyone with a brand name. A budding filmography and televison roles in “The Playa’s Ball” and “Half and Half” never made her love for music ebb because her passion for each discipline is equal but not greater than the other. Prior commitments to a major label in the ‘90s made it difficult for her to fulfill the obligations of her music contract and venture deeper into acting. A new professional alliance with James DuBose who has a history as a producer and executive producer of several TV shows including Run’s House, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is and a host of other projects with Spike TV, HBO and Fox has given Lyte a new gig as the Executive Vice President of his entertainment group and the flagship artist of his DuBose Music Group. The new situation allows her to run the company, act and make music in the same building.

Musically speaking she released a spontaneous video for “Brooklyn” earlier this year to recreate an apetite for her work. Last year she introduced Almost September, a hip-hop soul group consisting of herself and songwriters Jared Lee and Whitey that quickly intrigued fans but never received a suitable release because of time restrictions. As a solo artist she just released “Rocking With The Best” from her upcoming album in 2010. In addition to her new VP job and music she is doing voiceover work, collaborating with David Banner on a talent contest, prepping a new radio show and community building among women in the industry.

What’s going on? What’s the reality show “Hollywood Treatment” with Mary J. about?

It is a reality show and Mary J. Blige is on the first feature so I’m hosting the show and the one we have in the can is in face the one Mary did the show is just chilling. The show in itself is about young folks who are trying to get from point A to point B and really don’t know how and they’re asking for help so what we do as the show is team them up with the best foundation that has been started by a celebrity. And with this particular episode that young lady really had a lot in common with Mary with regards to Mary’s upbringing so we thought that would be an appropriate match.