Daily Archives: August 29, 2009

Living Colour-Behind The Sun (Live)

They are back and The Chair In The Doorway is coming on September 15th!


August 29th A Star Was Born


Michael Jackson Tributes From Around The World


Jay-Z Interview With Bill Maher On Real Time


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why did OK Magazine call Ginuwine a rapper? Note: As of today 8/29/09 the magazine has changed the title of the article because people in the comments section called them out about it. You can’t see the word rapper in the title but if you look in the comments section you can see the readers making the correction for them.

2. What will happen to Michael Jackson’s doctors that enabled his drug abuse now that his death has been officially labeled a homicide?


3. Why have there been no offers for Stew to present Passing Strange in his hometown of Los Angeles?