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Flavor Flav’s New TV Show NiteTales


LA’s Hottest Black Comedy Sketch Troupe “Slow Children Crossing” Announces Shows


Los Angeles, CA – August 27, 2009 – Astronomers count the Aurigid meteor shower as one of the rarest occurring in our galaxy. Every two thousand years it lights up the sky with an excess of 200 hundred shooting stars. Comedy lovers are beginning to take note of another rare occurrences in their orbit, a unique sketch comedy troupe known as Slow Children Crossing. Called one of Los Angeles’ premiere troupes, SCC is trailblazing a new brand of funny with a mélange of topical, whimsical, high brow, low brow, political, and spoof humor that will excite all of your senses.


Q-Tip’s Top 5 Rappers Who Sing

Q-Tip’s Top 5 Rappers Who Sing from The Urban Daily on Vimeo.

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Slum Village Perform And Speak On Baatin

247HH V2: Slum Village from MCM on Vimeo.