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Media Questions Of The Week

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1. Was it necessary for anyone to comment on Michelle Obama’s shorts???

2. Why is Steven Spielberg making a movie based on The Adventures Of TinTin, a book glorifying colonialism that was banned by the Brooklyn Public Library after customers complained? Spielberg’s adaptation of the film will not use any “objectionable material.” But how is that possible if the premise of the comic book is based in racist ideology? It’s even more disturbing to think about because Spielberg has an adopted Black son.

3. In the gender controversy involving South African runner Caster Semenaya’s gender, isn’t that something that would’ve been verified by sports officials before she was allowed to compete?


Behind the Music: Lil Wayne and Pink

VH1 is re-launching its Emmy Award-nominated and critically-acclaimed series “Behind The Music.” The iconic series that helped put VH1 on the map will premiere on Thursday, September 10 at 10 PM* with “Behind The Music: Lil’ Wayne .” The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” opens up about his childhood, his music, and his struggles, as he and the people who know him best describe his ascension from a poverty-stricken childhood in New Orleans to his reign as one of hip-hop’s heavy hitters. New episodes of the series will feature some of the best and brightest in the music industry today, including pop songstress Pink (September 17), self-proclaimed “King of R&B” Bobby Brown (September 24), rockstar Bret Michaels (October 1), the “King of the South” rapper T.I. (October 8) and hip-hop megastar 50 Cent on (October 13). All episodes will air on Thursdays at 10pm except for Pink, which will air on Thursday, September 17 at 8PM* in advance of “VH1’s Divas Live” and 50 Cent, which will air on Tuesday, October 13 at 8PM* in advance of the premiere of “VH1 Hip Hop Honors”.


Do You Have What It Takes To Be Brooklynati’s #1 Producer?


Critical Praise for Tanya Morgan:

“Tanya Morgan’s sophomore album, Brooklynati, is their most accomplished to date, a milestone moment for their already contagiously soulful sound.” – XXL – Chairman’s Choice

4 Stars – Time Out NY

“Tanya Morgan is bolder and braver than forbearers like Black Star and Slum Village… an expansive tour de force” – Vibe.com

“Brooklynati is one of those albums that further proves the fact that hip-hop is not, and will never be, dead.” – PopMatters.com

“Tanya Morgan has the best album of the year. And it’s going to be totally ingored. And hip-hop “journalists” should be ashamed of themselves.” – Odell Hall, Owner/Editor In Chief Planetill.wordpress.com, Editor AllHipHop.com

“Tanya Morgan are like the sons of De La Soul– soulful, stressed, effortlessly smart flows, intricate production, the whole package.” – SPIN Music Editor Charles Aaron

The Contest:

On May 12th, Tanya Morgan released their highly acclaimed sophomore LP, Brooklynati. Now, to celebrate the album’s success and the release of the trio’s “Never Enough” iTunes single, Tanya Morgan is giving aspiring producers an opportunity to remix the group’s new single. Native Instruments, 2dopeboyz, Tanya Morgan, Interdependent Media, Society Original Products, and Audible Treats have joined forces and are proud to present the “Brooklynati’s Got Talent Remix Contest.” After downloading the Acapella of “Never Enough,” featuring Tanya Morgan’s and Carlitta Durand’s vocals (found at the link below), contestants will have two weeks to craft their best beat and submit their remixed version of the song to be judged by Tanya Morgan and their label, Interdependent Medi a.