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Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Denorvell Collier Knocks Out ABC-TV’s “Wipe Out”


Temecula, CA – Reality television has revived many careers. For former California State Heavyweight Champion Boxer, Denorvell Collier, a dose of reality will indeed lend a booster shot to his visibility as well when he attempts to knock out “Wipe Out,” ABC-TV’s top rated reality series! Collier will join 24 thrill seekers on Wednesday, August 19 at 8:00 pm EST as they compete in the world’s largest extreme obstacle course! Not unlike twelve rounds in the ring, Collier will face a battle of stamina and endurance as he once again reaches for the championship.


Throwback: Inner City-Big Fun

Kevin Saunderson also known as Tronik House, The Reese Project, Reese And Santonio, Reese, E-Dancer, Kaos and KS Experience was born in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Belleville Michigan with his family when he was nine years old. By now most dance music heads over thirty are familiar with the story of him Derrick May and Juan Atkins going to the same high school and discovering the music of the city’s legendary Electrifyin’ Mojo, a local DJ with a cutting edge radio show in the ’80’s that consisted of rock, R&B, techno and funk. After watching Atkins and May create their own music Saunderson started making his own and had his first single “Triangle Of Love” under the name Kreem on Atkins’ Metroplex label in 1986.

Saunderson has described “Big Fun” as an accident because the song started as an instrumental track he had lying around that needed lyrics and vocals. Chicago house producer Terry “Housemaster” Baldwin a good friend of his suggested Paris Grey to sing on the track. Grey went to Detroit from Chicago and turned the track into a song that Saunderson tucked away until Neil Rushton from the UK asked to add the song to the compilation Techno-The New Dance Sound Of Detroit The song took off and became a universal dance anthem that can still wake up the dead and put them on the dancefloor. “Big Fun” was followed-up by “Good Life” that also featured Paris Grey on vocals and became Inner City’s second signature song. Saunderson released five albums as Inner City with “Hallelujah ’92,” “Pennies From Heaven,” “(That Man) He’s All Mine,” “What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin ‘” and “Follow Your Heart” being their standout singles but nothing ever reached the momentum of “Big Fun” or “Good Life.” The band has released music as current as 2004 with “Say Something.”

Saunderson’s contribution to dance music overall is legendary and no dance collection is complete without classics like “Bounce Your Body To The Box,” “Uptempo,” or “Feel The Mood.” Saunderson still tours and records music keep up with him on Myspace.