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Atlanta-based Entertainment Mogul Devyne Stephens and T-Boz of TLC visit Camp Twin Lakes


Devyne Stephens, camper Eriq Scott, T-Boz and counselor Jessica Smith

Atlanta, GA- August 7, 2009- Yesterday, Atlanta-based entertainment mogul and CEO of Upfront Megatainment, Devyne Stephens , visited Camp Twin Lakes, with T-Boz of TLC fame. Camp Twin Lakes Camp is a not-for-profit organization that offers year-round recreational, therapeutic, and educational programs for children facing serious illnesses and other physical, emotional and life challenges. Each week the camp focuses on a particular illness and offers a haven for young people from 6-16 giving them nutritious meals, lots of activities and medical staff to insure the youngsters’ safety.


Thompson’s Productions Go Green For Ziggy Marley Concerts In Hawaii!

HONOLULU, HI (Aug 6, 2009) -Thompson’s Productions, Waikiki Shell, Tr3ees and Styrophibia are joining forces to highlight the importance of preserving the environment by making ‘Ziggy Marley Live in Concert’ at the Waikiki Shell an eco-friendly event.


Interview With K’Jon


“My mission statement is to put out feel good music and to uplift the R&B lovers”

K’Jon’s meditative “On The Ocean” is quelling the inner turmoil of an R&B nation dealing with a dire economy, health care issues and a new Black president. Hailing from Detroit, a city of tall musical merit going through severe political and economic ignominy he wrote his hit song came from a place of peaceful resilience in the face of his own personal challenges. Oddly enough the song’s soothing qualities almost conceal the rolling rhythm underneath that has snared the feet of ballroom dancers around the country. The so-called urban adult contemporary music slot never had this much life in a song and exceeded its usual watery expectations with a sound politically analogous to Lionel Richie’s crossovers. Earlier stints as an independent artist and songwriter produced the Latin tinted “Miami” on the 2 Fast 2 Furious soundtrack and got him gigs opening for the likes of Ludacris, Ginuwine, Ne-Yo and T-Pain. Interest in his artistry reached a nadir this week with the release of his first album I Get Around and K’Jon spoke with Kickmag about his journey into a fulltime music career and why “On The Ocean” means so much to him.


Chrisette Michele-Stay This Way AOL Live Sessions