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Throwback:Slick Rick-Children’s Story

Ricky Walters was born in London and immigrated to the Bronx with his parents when he was 10 years old. He met Dana Dane while attending La Guardia High School Of Music and Art and they formed the Kangol Crew. The duo battled around New York City and Rick eventually met Doug E. Fresh and began performing with him and Fresh’s Get Fresh Crew. This collaboration produced “The Show” and “La Di Da Di” in ’85, two seismic tunes that became rap classics and helped define the Golden Era of hip-hop. Rick went solo a few years later and signed to Def Jam. The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick was his debut album and it is to hip-hop what Kind Of Blue is to jazz; everyone has to acknowledge and own it. “Children’s Story” came from that album and it has been covered by The Game, Mos Def, Tricky and Everlast as well as being sampled by many. His sartorial dazzle with tons of gold jewelry is one of the roots of bling along with Big Daddy Kane long before ‘Lil Wayne, Puffy and others became known for shining. By ’90 Rick had rough times because of a shooting incident involving his cousin who had him shot and an innocent bystander. Before he went to prison for five years he recorded The Ruler’s Back. While incarcerated he recorded Behind Bars and was interviewed by Russell Simmons who had bailed him out initially for a documentary called The Show. He was released from prison in ’96 and recorded The Art Of Storytelling an artistically keen comeback. Since that time he was arrested because of a deportation law against felons and was held for 17 months. Rick was released in ’03 and New York governor David Paterson gave him an unconditional pardon in ’08. These days Rick still performs at various Old School shows and manages his real estate holdings.


Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why did Spike Lee say that Tyler Perry’s movies recall the stereotypes of Amos And Andy when he has been accused of the same thing with movies like Jungle Fever, Bamboozled and She Hate Me?
2.Will Rihanna testify against Chris Brown in court?

3. Is Chris Brown a monster?


Prince On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno


The Multi Media Arts Center Ushers In The Summer With Conducted Music And Educational Music Workshops

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Tricky Dilemma, Kevin O’Neal & Patrice, a mixture of conducted improvised music, abstract expressionism and jazz will set the tone for the summer series at The Multi Media Arts Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey beginning in June, 2009. The MMAC will also feature an All Girls DJ Workshop as its first in a series of creative and educational workshops for the local and surrounding community.


Opio-Shine Featuring Z Man Live At The Fillmore

Opio performing “Shine” (New Song) w/ Z Man Live @ The Fillmore from on Vimeo.