Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

Van Hunt EP

Van Hunt is giving away these songs but the official release of his next album is May 8th at his site.


Breaking News: Launching of Hip-Hop Education Center | Media Classes


The Hip-Hop Association (H2A), in partnership with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University’s Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human Development, is proud to announce the launch of the Hip-Hop Education (H2Ed) Center for Research, Evaluation and Professional Development. Right on the heels of Hip-Hop’s 35th birthday, the Center emerges at a pivotal moment in history that will shape and transform the current education system in the United States.


Throwback:Redman-Pick It Up & Freestyle On Shade 45

Reginald Reggie “Funk Doctor Spot” Noble aka Redman has been rocking the mic since ’92’s Whut The Album. The man who loves to rep his hometown of “Brick City” (New Jersey) has maintained his solid flow through a career that has seen many collaborations with Method Man, movies and TV. EPMD featured Redman on their third album Business As Usual in ’90 which was Red’s introduction and also the first time the Hit Squad was mentioned. After EPMD broke-up in ’93 Erick Sermon regrouped with Redman and Keith Murray as Def Squad and they released El Nino in ’98. “Pick It Up” comes from his ’96 tour de force Muddy Waters. Some fans felt that Muddy Waters was a reaction to the “too abstract to understand” or “growth stunted” second album Dare Iz A Darkside which paid tribute to Funkadelic, knocked harder than Whut and went gold anyway. The mainstream got a taste of his mojo in ’02 when Christina Aguilera used him for her song “Dirrty.” Red and Meth will release Blackout2 on May 19th.