Daily Archives: February 28, 2009

Media Questions Of The Week

Does Rupert Murdoch think a public apology for the chimp cartoon will suffice? Why did the NYPost let legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith go but not fire cartoonist Sean Delonas?

If Chris Brown and Rihanna have reconciled how will they get past all the negative attention?
Based on the new cover of Ebony does someone really want Beyonce to portray Angela Davis?


Cleo Manago Addresses Black AIDS in the Age of Obama

Los Angeles, CA – Activist, social architect and boundary breaking, Cleo Manago has never run from controversy. His stance on Proposition 8 and the Black community had tongues wagging and heads turning. Always one to ‘keep it real’ even when it hurts, his is a rising voice in not only the Black and “same gender loving” communities, but the mainstream community at large as his vision pinpoints not only the issues, but the answers as well.