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Mistah FAB: “Oakland Police Are Hired Assassins” (ozonemag.com)


No, it’s not 1991, but police brutality in California is still prevalent. After an Oakland police officer shot and killed an unarmed 22-year-old black man in the back on New Years Day, protestors have taken to the streets and organized rallies to demand justice. Here, Bay Area rapper and “voice of the community” Mistah FAB gives OZONE an eyewitness account of the widely-reported “riots.” FAB, however, isn’t asking, “Can’t we all just get along?” He is enraged by the blatant police brutality of the Oakland Police Department, who he describes as “malicious, hired assassins” and vows not to let Oscar Grant’s murder be forgotten or “swept under the rug” by the ignorant behavior of some protestors. Most of all, he reminds us that there is an Oscar Grant in every city.

Mistah FAB at the Oakland protest
Photo: Vibe.com

A lot of news outlets have referred to this situation as the “Oakland riots.” We get the impression that there’s a lot of violence going on. Is that an accurate description? What are you seeing?
[The media] is trying to make it seem as if it’s anarchy and the people are trying to overthrow the judicial system, and it’s not like that. Unfortunately there were some demonstrators who allowed their frustration to overcome them and caused them to destruct some things and demolish a few things but it was nothing to the extent of what we would consider a riot. When people hear about “riots” they think of things like the L.A. [Rodney King] riots and the Watts riots and things of that nature, but it’s nothing comparable to that.