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Don’t Hate, Celebrate – Rev. Lowery To Have Final Word At Inauguration – Opinion Piece


We all want the last word, to be the final act, to close the deal. It makes you wonder why mainstream media and gay-rights activists focused so much on the opening act of the inauguration and failed to pay tribute to the man who will deliver the benediction, civil rights icon, Rev. Joseph E. Lowery.


Kickmag’s 2008 Racist Incidents In Music

1. Unconditional acceptance of Britney Spears’ on the music scene after a public meltdown despite a still constant questioning of Janet Jackson’s credibility after 20 years in the business.

2. The nasty cartoon of Barack and Michelle Obama on the cover of The New Yorker.
The Obamas are not terrorists, Muslim or Angela Davis knock-offs. The Obamas are not musicians but many artists publically supported them.