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Urgent: Open Letter From Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J.Blige And Kevin Liles

Dear Young America,

BY MONDAY OCTOBER 6, 2008!!!!! We are only 31 days from the most
important election of our lifetime. MONDAY OCTOBER 6, 2008 IS THE
DEADLINE. We are at war, banks are closing, people are losing their jobs and
houses every day. It is our responsibility to protect our futures. Time is running
out. You must register by Monday October 6th. Barack Obama cannot win
this election on his own; he needs our help. This election is about us. This
election is about our children’s future. If you have not registered to vote, you are
disrespecting everyone that sacrificed their lives for you to have this right. You
are also disrespecting your future.

The time is NOW for us to use the voices with which God has blessed us. We
need you to do all you can. Here is what we need to do:

1. Register to vote BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th 2008
2. Get as many people as you can to register with you
3. Go to the poll and vote on November 4th

Barack Obama said it best, “Eight is Enough.” No longer will we stand by and
follow leadership with no regard for us and no accountability to us.
We can be the deciding factor in this election, but you must register to vote to
make your voice heard. Who are we? We are young America. This is our
moment of truth. Are you registered for change? October 6th is only a few
days away.

Make sure that on November 4th, we are able to say that we did everything in
our power to make sure that Barack Obama becomes the next President of the
United States. We owe this to our children, our parents, our grandparents and
ourselves. We need you to become a part of Team Obama. This is the most
important election in our lifetime. REGISTER TO VOTE BY MONDAY
Visit www.VoteForChange.com to register to vote TODAY
It is our duty to make our voices heard. STOP what you’re doing right now
and lets REGISTER TO VOTE. Time is running out!!!!!!!!!

God Bless,
Sean “Diddy” Combs
Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter
Mary J. Blige
Kevin Liles


Soul/Jazz Powerhouse Maysa Follows Acclaimed Classics Albums With An All-Original Metamorphis Listen “To I Need A Man”

It is a rare pleasure these days to hear a singer with a completely original sound, an immediately recognizable voice and style that mesmerizes with sheer tonal beauty. Such an artist is Maysa, who, like Anita Baker (to whom she is sometimes compared) occupies a completely unique niche in the musical cosmos, at the intersection of jazz and soul. But Maysa has ranged far more widely, into the realms of Acid Jazz, as a featured vocalist with Incognito, and dance music. Her multi-faceted artistry is part of what makes her special but it may also be a reason why she has not been more widely known, despite the fervor of her fans, in a world that depends far too much on easy categorization. The release of her seventh album, METAMORPHOSIS, an impressive set of all-original material that follows up on her two acclaimed albums of classic soul, may well be the album that takes her to the next level of appreciation as one of the foremost contemporary vocalists on the scene today.