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Pandora Listeners Double With iPhone

Pandora’s service has increased with the release of the new iPhone 3G. One more example of why terrestrial radio does not have the final say on listening habits in America.


R.I.P. Jerry Wexler

R.I.P. to Jerry Wexler, the legendary record producer who coined the term ‘R&B’ and produced Aretha Franklin’s Muscle Shoals sessions, Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, Bob Dylan and others on Atlantic Records.


The Genius Speaks!!! Wu-Tang’s Gza/Genius Speaks On The August 19th Release Of “Pro Tools!!”” Myspace Album Preview Now!!! Imeem Contest, Tour Dates & More!!!

The GZA/Genius, Wu-Tang’s famed lyrical swordsman, serves up some jewels regarding “Pro Tools,” his fifth solo album, set for imminent release on August 19th.

The notoriously elusive emcee opens up in this rare and exclusive interview, providing coveted insight into the new album (and his favorite tracks), the current state of hip-hop and also directly addressing the recently leaked, buzzing 50 Cent diss track (“Paper Plate”).



John Lee Hooker Jr. Releases Animated Video “Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Pimp” with new CD

As the unacknowledged granddaddy of hip hop, the blues is one of the most powerful of musical genres. Exploring and exploiting the subject matters of sex, money and drugs, the blues has always had the uncanny ability to make you feel its lyrics at a gut wrenching level. John Lee Hooker, Jr., son of blues icon, John Lee Hooker, knows this subject matter first hand. You can hear it in his voice, feel it in his lyrics and like a down home meal, taste it even in his music. With his third solo release, “All Odds Against Me” on his own Steppin’ Stone Records, and the European label, Jazzhaus Records, the Grammy nominated artist is a living testimony to those odds against him.
John Lee Hooker Jr. As the son of blues legend John Lee Hooker, Hooker, Jr. was exposed to the life of the blues from a young age. At only eight years old he performed on Detroit’s WJBK radio and knew from that moment that he wanted to follow the path of his father and become a world-class musician. Unfortunately, while living the “life of a bluesman” he succumbed to the demons that surround it, derailing his musical career for many, many years. Drugs, alcohol, divorce, incarceration, and death nearly brought his career to a screeching halt. But it was living the blues and his faith in the Almighty that resurrected Hooker Jr. A Comeback Artist of the Year award in 2004, two critically acclaimed albums with another on the way, and a continued emphasis on ingenuity has him back on track and looking towards the future.


Opio- To The People