Daily Archives: July 12, 2008

Kickmag Interview With Opio

Three years ago Opio released his first album Triangulation Station to an audience of hip-hop connoisseurs familiar with his beginnings as a member of the Souls Of Mischief. His disarming dedication on the mic spit words in the style of a boxer like Sugar Ray Leonard; light on his feet but strong in his delivery. Fifteen years of rhyming with Souls, the Hieroglyphics crew and offering his individual flow has produced a brand of funky hip-hop heard by too few people. On July 15th he is releasing his new CD Vulture’s Wisdom done up in his lyrics and production credits by fellow Bay Area native The Architect. Three videos from the album for “Stop The Press” “Some Superfly Shit” and “Don Julio” are entertaining the hip-hop junkies, ensnaring new fans and adding another level of credibility to Oakland’s longstanding scene. Opio spoke with Kickmag about his upcoming album release, longevity and the maintenance of his muse.

What is Vulture’s Wisdom? How is it different from your first solo album Triangulation Station?

It’s different from the first record because my man Architect he’s a producer from out this way and I’ve been a fan of his for years he worked with a lot of cats, Planet Asia, hardcore he did a lot of stuff the early style pro.On the first record I basically tried to produce the whole thing, this is a different look with him tackling all the production aspect. The title Vulture’s Wisdom came about from conversations me and Architect was having about the game was about hip-hop we felt we have a lot of experience years in the game we always had a lot of love for the music and not the commercial side of things with that experience comes wisdom. We just sat back with a bird’s eye view and watched the game and we could see everyone saying, “There’s nothing there it’s done” we saw food we saw potential to eat so we just kind of swooped in with the Vulture’s Wisdom and bought this music.