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Snoop Dogg- My Medicine (Feat. Willie Nelson)

Music Review: Snoop Dogg – Ego Tripping

The west coast king’s 9th album of g-funk is flavored with trips to the ’80’s, vocoders and country music. Snoop has been able to stay in the rap game longer than most by consistent recording and his nonstop execution of the Snoop brand. Snoop’s Crip pride and cavalier drawl has been used to sell everything from clothes to movies but he reminds his fans on the intro that music is the base of it all. Billowy electronic flutes lift “Sensual Seduction” into a Roger Troutman inspired universe commandered by Snoop’s vocodered tale of seismic orgasms with a desirable woman. The video features Snoop dressed as Prince circa ’84 in his “When Doves Cry” video. As if that tribute to his musical roots is not enough he sings lead on a fun version of The Time’s “Cool” Prince’s old friends and R&B alter ego.

Happy Birthday Tupac!

Big Boi Finishing Solo Album

Welcome to the home of Sir Luscious Left Foot, a.k.a. the Courvoisier Lounge, or just the plain old Boom Boom Room. Big Boi’s Stankonia Recording Studio is an inner sanctum/ playground where Big and his guests, including Lil Jon, E-40 and Raekwon, come to play after the work is done … or to inspire more work.
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