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Bob Marley’s Mother Cedella Booker Remembered In Memorial Service


CEDELLA BOOKER, the humble country girl whose first-born became a champion of the impoverished and downtrodden, was given an emotional send-off yesterday at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, St Andrew.

Roughly 300 persons turned out at the church’s Maxfield Avenue base to say farewell to the mother of reggae legend Bob Marley. She died in her sleep at her South Florida home on April 8 at age 81.
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Amp Fiddler Winter Music Conference 2008


Music Review: Amp Fiddler-AfroStrut


Joseph “Amp” Fiddler’s Afro Strut is primarily a face off of r&b and house with a cheering section of different styles that have divided dance floors since the late ’80s. Fiddler’s buoyant emotions are closer in kin to the carefree feelings of dance music but his raspy tenor and pliant falsetto shares the tonal memories of Terrence Trent D’arby and D’Influence singer Sarah Ann Webb. His passages through the worlds of Larry Heard, Sly Stone and Prince are footnotes to his sound that is classically comfortable but modern.


Estelle Lights It Up With “Shine”


Homeschool and Atlantic Records have announced the upcoming release of “SHINE,” the hugely anticipated US debut album from British hip-hop/soul sensation, Estelle. The album – which features the current UK #1 single, “American Boy (Feat. Kanye West)” – lands in stores across North America on April 29th.


Kidz In The Hall “Drivin Down The Block” MTV’s TRL Monday April 28th–Vote Today

Kidz In the Hall’s “Drivin Down” The Block” will be on MTV’s TRL. Watch the first look on MTV’s TRL today Monday April 28th and the vote for the video at to get it on the countdown.

It is not every day that a truly independent video and band gets an opportunity to appear on MTV’s powerhouse program TRL, but today Kidz In The Hall’s truly hilarious video for “Drivin Down The Block” will get its shot!!!

So tune in, watch the video and most importantly vote; go to to vote this video into the TRL countdown:

Support Independent (and good) Music!!!!

Kidz In The Hall’s sophomore LP, The In Crowd, will be released on 5-13-08 on Duck Down/Major League Records