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Erykah Badu-Honey


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Happy Birthday Jimi!

November 27th is the birthdate of Mr.Hendrix who left this world in 1970 after taking the blues to make rock and roll underneath a pandering showmanship that eventually gave way to concerts without the teeth-picking and fire-starting.

Every genre of popular music has some Jimi in it somewhere because his virtuosity was not a technical triumph but a tool of supreme expression.

Share Awards 2007 Cont.


Rahsaan Patterson

You won album of the year tonight, how does it feel?

It was really nice and a beautiful surprise and it’s really nice to be able to say it.

You were kind of speechless you didn’t have much to say.

No, no (laughs.)

What is Wine And Spirits all about?

It’s about my life over the last ten years in the music industry. The great things that come with it and all the downsides to it. As well as the last three years of my life.

Share Awards 2007

m_1d22cba9678ecfb14bd595fc11246aaa.jpg took their online poll of stunning but underrated soulstars offline to Detroit’s Cobo Hall for an evening of honors and performance on a cold and wintry November 16th that had all of winter’s feeling but no snow. A cadre of soul bloggers, musicians, soul fans and their friends took in the grassroots-efforted affair inside the venue’s Riverview Ballroom overlooking the murky water shared by Michigan and Canada. Jodine of Jodine’s corner hosted the event and blessed the night with David Bowie’s quote that “Major labels will be in shambles in the next ten years.” She left out part of the quote where he also says that “touring will be the only unique situation left.”

It is the constant travels of Eric Roberson, Maya Azucena, Maysa Leak, Phil Perry and a chain of other independent soul artists that have allowed them to have careers outside the shareholder-driven worlds of Viacom, Universal, Sony Bmg, Warner and EMI. The readers of did not pick their winners from the nationalized playlists of terrestial radio but the niche economies of online music.


Happy Birthday Tina!

Happy Birthday to one-half of rock’s first couple Ms. Tina Turner! Before Paul and Linda, Mick and Marianne, John and Yoko, Sonny and Cher and Bobby and Whitney there was Ike and Tina. And before any woman received any recognition in rock there was Tina.

Happy birthday to the first lady of rock!