R.I.P. Sekou Sundiata


R.I.P. to the one of the coolest poets and teachers who walked the planet. One day back in ’97 when I was his student he missed a class because of a kidney problem and I could tell by his tone of explanation it was serious. But it didn’t stop him from putting one of the best shows together that combined one if not the last public performance of Allan Ginsberg with a hodgepodge of super-talents like Nona Hendryx, Craig Harris, Regina Carter, Ntozake Shange, Danny Glover Amiri Baraka and others. In addition to that memory I can never forget the year the Black Rock Coalition did the blaxploitation songbook and Sekou read a poem about “that mess on Monica’s dress” referring to the Republican-pitched scandal that Bill Clinton happily walked into that year.
He made his transition last week but his words and sound are still resounding
throughout the world. Vernon Reid shares his memories of Sekou here.